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TURBO-Lease is a lease accounting software application capable of servicing equipment lease and vehicle lease portfolios. The system can handle both consumer leases and commercial leases. For accounting, FASB13 rules are followed for the amortization of unearned income for a capital lease. Rental income and depreciation are reported for an operating lease. TURBO-Lease can calculate payoffs taking either lease accounting approach. FASB91 is followed for Initial Direct Cost. Residuals are easily reported, adjusted and can be billed at a time of your choosing. Leases may be renewed or extended. The system produces over 80 stock reports. We offer custom report writing services for an hourly rate. Valuable customer payment history data may be exported to the commercial and personal credit bureaus. Quickly track delinquency with aging reports and system calculated late fees. Stay current with insurance expirations and collection notes. Efficiently bill your customer on the web, via ACH, via email or with paper invoices / statements. Data entry is fast and easy with one screen used for lease booking and one screen for payment receipt. TURBO-Lease is a desktop application that can be installed either as a single user, on a network or can be hosted on a cloud server. The system is easy to use, yet its power, flexibility, and completeness is surprisingly affordable.

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TURBO-Lease: A Lease Accounting Software Solution